Why I wrote “The Beautiful Ratio”



“What happens when a really smart person, say, a genius, comes to the conclusion that life is not worth living?” asked my friend one day in a sleepy little café surrounded by corn fields. “Shall he kill himself? Or continue with his meaningless existence?” the soliloquy continued as if in stupor.
Many bulbs went on in my mind, I scavenged on this possibility, hungry as I was for an idea to write a story. I had a fast approaching deadline for story submission in a Creative Writing Seminar I had signed up for. I wrote for the next two days and could barely make it on time owing to many clarifications I had to seek from Math students in the university.
“The Beautiful Ratio” is about Shazia, a Math genius and social misfit. Her childhood friend Noor is a major part of her support system. How shall she reconcile with life when chaos unleashes in her city and the world that she thought she knew is shattered beyond repair? The backdrop of the story is the 2002 riots that bruised Ahmedabad and destroyed thousands of lives. I had observed the mass hysteria first hand, and it shocked me to see my people and my city transform from being sane to being something monstrous and switch back to being normal again as if the dance of destruction was merely a bad dream. I, like many others, could never get over that shock; I tried to live away from my city for many years under one pretext or another. Time and distance provided me an insight to write this story.
In 2014, when Sonia Rao, the Municipal Liaison of NaNoWriMo India announced a call for entries for the coveted WrimoIndia anthology around the theme on Vengeance, I knew that “The Beautiful Ratio” will find its destination. The editorial team stitched some open ruptures with such care and love and I couldn’t be happier. Twenty one talented writers writing in different genres and styles came together and contributed to this volume. It’s a treat for readers to see varied responses to a theme so universal.
It makes all proud that the proceeds of this book will go to NaNoWriMo, and will help foster creativity and self-expression of writers around the globe! I request you to buy, read, review, recommend Vengeance: A Sting in Every Tale Edited by Sonia Rao.


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