Haiku by Students

Is creativity an innate trait or is it a craft that can be mastered? Can people who had never appreciated poetry before, write verses?

My adventurous MTech class took on the challenge of writing Haiku poems. Hard core IT engineers, most of them had never heard of this poetry form from Japan. However, after an hour long intense session, I received these pearls.

So, is creativity a gene or a muscle? Decide for yourself:

On Science:

It’s a miracle
An apple falling down
Took us to the moon

                               -Shaik MK

Meta poetic

Hand me a paper
To pen down my thoughts
To clear all of my doubts

                               -Shaival Thakkar

Don’t know why I write,
Guess someone would read,
A book  full of my deeds

                                -Jay Sadhwani

Wise verses:

From time to time
He made plans
Until there was no time left

                                -Chirag & Vishal

After long journey of life
He reached, God asked
How was heaven?

                                  -Jatin Agrawal

Past holds the mirror
Destruction all over
Wars still inevitable

                                 -Lt Cdr Hemant Kaushik

Someone followed me,
Tried hard not to look,
Turned around, met my shadow.

                                  -Shruti Naik

Don’t you regret,
It was bound to happen
And can’t be undone

                                   -Shaik MK

Little bundle of joy
On her first laughter
A thrilled mother cries

                                    -Neelasha Sen

She holds his little finger
Stumbling, one day
She would hold someone’s hand
                                  – Lt Cdr L Mohan

Time heals the wounds of our heart
As sea washes the sand
But yearning heart never learns


They seemed very closeby
In rear the view mirror
Turned around, saw none behind

                                    -Lt Cdr L Mohan

On destinations, known and unknown

My paths on the sky,
As I walk,
They change by..

                                    -Mayank Patel

Pushing me into abyss
Cold and darkness grow stronger
But I’ll achieve my goal

                                   -Ankit Paliwal

Make sure the goal exists
You better run or lose
Zeal decides destiny

                                    -Zubain M.

Walk without wanting to win
Follow where nature leads
It’s effortless without goals

                                  -Jainikkumar Ranpura

Thoughts on Nature

Clouds from East
Touch the Himalayas
Look, who has come again.

-Kamlesh Singh Karki

Set eyes on days
Sunshine to moonlight
Uplifting souls

                                  -Lt Cdr Hemant Kaushik

Dusts of storm and gale settle
Not the stirrings of heart
Lovelorn, wait for winds of change

                                    -Lt Cdr L Mohan

The birds flying home
Over the trees bare and brown
A sight of autumn
                                   – Niral Popat

She looks like a placid sea
Just before a storm
Buried within rage for thee
                                   -Lt Cdr L Mohan

A stone cries out
When a flower falls on it
Softness is unbearable

                                   -Vismay Patel

The snow falls
Sprinkling its winter blanket
It’s a dreamland


Melodies at dawn
Sun rises above the haze
My voice takes wings


They rolled down her swollen cheeks
As pearl drops on leaves
The mightiest heart went on knees


Sun about to set
People bustling at beach
On the lap of nature.

                                       -Akash Shah

The mysterious mountain
Nudging me to explore
Wait !  here i come.

                                      -Mansi Singh

Red silky rose
In that deep forest
With relentless thorns

                                     -Arti Bhanushali

A ray of light,
In the dark cloudy day,
Delights the soul

                                     -Pooja Tiwari

Each day i wake up
To the dense blue sky
Filling my day with light

                                     -Nishith Kotak

She looks at the night
Her eyes shine
Like a star in the twinkled sky

                                    -Saurabh Tyagi

Meet like stars
Together like strangers
Lets fall through the dark

                                   -Dharmesh Agrawal

Due drops of the sun,
Shining as stars,
Gleaming gifts from God…

                                   -Mayank Patel 

Closing with some common sense

Haiku is Haiku,
So serious hona Kaiku
It’s just a Haiku” (^_^)

                                     -Jatin Agrawal