On Motherhood

The muse comes to us in different forms, nudging us to write, to create.

Many times, it is Sonia Rao @Soniaraowrites who dons this role. She has been mentoring generations of writers in India. She is the chief of the group called WrimoIndia, the Indian chapter of NaNoWriMo. We gather in November and write 50,000 words, i.e. a rough draft of a novel. She has been leading us through this madness year after year. Rest of the year, she makes sure that we never keep that pen down.

A few days back Sonia asked if I could contribute to the lovely  Mumbai Mom which focuses on parenting and much more.  It is a great collection of writings on journeys of people in being a parent/teacher to young ones. They also come out with op-eds about current issues. I visit the website when I am unsure, and it always has some wisdom to offer.

I came out with “On Motherhood: Some Gaseous Advice and Some Liquid Lamentations.”  It’s is not only about the beatific joys of motherhood, but also less flattering emotions associated with it. Please do read!



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